Zero Waste Pups

Family Portrait by Allen Kent Photography

It’s time to talk about one of my favorite topics: Luna. She is our adventure buddy, and we love that she’s part of our family. If you have a fur baby, you know exactly what I mean! We try to make mindful, sustainable choices for our girl; and it took a lot of shopping around and research to find the best products for our lifestyle. If you are looking to live more sustainably, and have a zero waste doggo, try out some of our favorite products and tips.

Kennel: Luna hasn’t used her kennel in a couple of years, but we depended on this when she was a little pup. Most kennels have some plastic, so opt for used ones, or choose the one with the best warranty and most sustainable materials.

Bed: Even though Luna sleeps in our bed, she still has her own spot. I recommend getting a cover, so you can wash it regularly.

Food: Having dog food with no plastic is impossible, unless you make your own. A zero waste lifestyle is living less out of habit, and choosing the best option in front of you. We did a lot of research about what food to give Luna, and we decided Fromm fit our lifestyle the best. Look for packaging that is 100% recyclable, and that try to reuse the packaging if possible. We also give her fresh veggies and fresh peanut butter, which she loves.

Toys: We have a lot of different toys. Barkshop toys are super durable, and most are made out of polyester; we have toys that are three years old that are still in good shape. Beco Pets is another good brand; we’ve purchased a few of their ropes at our natural pet store.

Chews: We give Luna Whimzee dental chews. Our co op has these in bulk, and they are the best deal! Each chew is only $1.99, while mainstream pet stores sell them in packaging for $2.99 each.

Collar, Leash, Harness: A lot of these come prepackaged, or are made with a plastic handle. My best advice is to look for something made from recycled materials, or something durable. Luna use to have some pulling problems, and since she’s half my weight, she hurt my shoulder a couple of times. We switched to the Easy Walker, which is in plastic, but you can ask to buy a floor model at your local pet store, and it lasts. We’ve had the same one for two years, and it’s survived many swimming trips.

Treats: We buy our treats in bulk at our co op. We bring our own container, so our treats are completely packaging free. 

To Go Bowl: This is amazing. It can be rolled up and placed in a purse, or you can fill it up and hook it to your bag! Plus, it’s canvas, and you don’t have to worry about your pup being dehydrated.

Poop Bags: If you are on a walk and need to clean up after your pup, these bags are made out of recycled materials and the white ones are made from corn, and 100% compostable.

Mason Jars: We always leave a jar of treats in our car, so we are ready to give our girl snacks on the go.

Life Jacket: If you are going on a boat trip with your pup, check out Ruff Wear’s life jackets. There is some plastic, but far less than the brands at Pet’s Mart, and to avoid packaging, you can ask your local pet or sports store for a floor model.

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