A Zero Waste Freezer: The Plastic Free Method I Use

A few months back, my cousin and I had a conversation about freezing food. She’s always been my sustainable sister, and we like to bounce ideas off of each other. After telling her what I do to keep a zero waste freezer, she advised I share it on my blog! I know, talking about food storage isn’t the most attractive topic, but it’s one area that creates a lot of waste. 

We are wrapping up a bountiful fruit season here in Michigan. There’s nothing better than Michigan blueberries–except maybe Michigan strawberries. I always pick a ton of them; enough to last until the next harvest. I pull them our of the freezer to make jam, pancakes, snacks, you name it. The best way to preserve your fruit is in jars.

So here we go! A Zero Waste Freezer: 

I have been using Ball Jars for the last few years…for literally everything. We use them to shop, as glasses, and yes, even to freeze things. It is totally okay to freeze things in jars as long as you follow some guidelines: 

  1. Make sure the jar is freezer safe: check out this handy chart from Ball, to make sure you are freezing jars that won’t crack. 
  2. If you are freezing something hot, let the contents cool completely before you put them in the freezer. 
  3. Leave some room: Don’t fill the jar to the top, leave about an inch of room. 

Pretty simple! I’ve heard you can also use silicone bags, but they are packaged pretty heavily, and I like using my jars for everything, so I’ve opted to stick to glass. 

What do you use for a zero waste freezer?

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