Zero Waste Bathroom

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Our sustainability month has been so rewarding! I love sharing information about how we set intentions for our actions, and I appreciate everyone who has contributed their thoughts. Today, I am focusing on creating a zero waste bathroom.

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Living less out of habit when it comes to a bathroom and personal care can be the most difficult. But don’t worry, you can gradually have a more sustainable routine, one action at a time.


Bar Soap:   Level’s soap is a great multi purpose beauty item. They make pumice soap to exfoliate, and activated charcoal soap that is good for acne! We also like getting our soap from our local co op and farmer’s market.

Safety Razor: This is the only razor you will ever need! You can purchase replaceable blades, and it’s all stainless, so you will keep those pesky plastic razors out of the landfill. It’s not as flexible as the disposable one, so you definitely need to be careful and get the hang of it.

Organic Towels: I love these soft towels from Juice Beauty! They are absorbent, soft, and friendly for the environment.

Bamboo Toothbrushes: If there is one thing you must have for a zero waste bathroom, it is a bamboo toothbrush. It’s estimated that 850 million toothbrushes end up in the landfill each year. These can be commercially composted!

Reusable Pads : I use these to apply toner and take off my makeup. I make sure to wash them in the sink after every use, so my mascara doesn’t stain the cloths.

Toilet Paper: This unbleached toilet paper, uses less water and chemicals to produce, and it made from wheat straw, a renewable resource.

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