Three Simple + Vegan Dinners

This week, we had what Jeremiah calls an  “apocalypse week”. It’s a week where we don’t buy any food, and try to base our meals on ingredients that are expiring soon. Even though we compost, we still need to work on cutting down our food waste; sometimes we have leftovers that go uneaten, or we go out to eat, and our meal prep ideas don’t end up happening. Whatever the reason is, we are trying to eat what we have, and limit our waste.

So this week, I took the apocalypse week challenge, and created three simple, vegan dinners that are easy to make, and highlight fresh, local foods.

Okay, who doesn’t love spaghetti? It’s our go to when I want something simple and filling, and oh so good! Other than black bean burgers, I never like using meat substitutes in my diet. I keep my diet plant based, and stay away from the mainstream substitutes like Morning Star or Boca, which are packed with fillers and soy. But I absolutely love products from Nutcase Vegan. Everything is plant based, and the products are made in Grand Rapids; to top it off, their packaging is completely recyclable. So I made a classic spaghetti dish, mixed with Nutcase Vegan Meat, and topped with vegan parmesan. I’m already craving some more.

This was Jeremiah’s favorite of the week; he loves spicy foods, and they pair well with his favorite type of beer (IPAs). This recipe is so simple, and you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry and garden. I made way too much of the base, but it’s great leftover, or baked over chips. We had some veggies from the market, so I made my Dad’s chopped salsa recipe, but regular salsa or hot sauce could work too. I would have loved some avocado chunks on top, but the apocalypse week is all about using what you have, and not what you want to have.


Black Bean burgers are my go to entree. They are so versatile, and great for Summer time barbecues. Even my carnivore family members like them, they are just that delicious. There are tons of brands, but they are always individually wrapped in plastic, and some of the packaging isn’t recyclable. So we opted to get some items off our shelves, and make homemade patties. I topped them with leftover chopped salsa and veganaise, and paired them with grilled broccoli drizzled with Fustini’s lemon vinegar. These are not gluten free, but next time I might substitute the flour and bread for quinoa, or something else.


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  • Oh my goodness. I want to make every single one of these right now! I love this burger recipe… some recipes are so complicated, and I don’t normally want to make them. I think I am going to give this apocalypse week a try, too!