Paris: Day Two

Day Two: Our first full day in the city of love. We woke up early, after going to bed early, but hey, we were trying to beat the jet lag.  We had picked up some essentials the night before; so we made some coffee, and had some amazing bioche toast. Seriously, I still have dreams about that bread, it was that delicious. I grabbed my camera, and we were ready to hit the streets.

Remember when I said we walked everywhere? Wondering around the city, (okay, and getting lost a few times), was the perfect way to experience Paris, and we wouldn’t have done it any other way. But we walked a lot in our first couple of days.

We left the apartment and headed to Centre Pompidou. We sat outside the museum, and it finally hit that we were in Paris. We watched the people walking by, met a woman with a dog, and started heading to La Basilique de Sacre Coeur. Since we were walking, we took some detours. We went into shops, wondered around the streets, and got to know the city. But it was time for an early lunch, so we headed to Le Cafe Noir, and grabbed another local ale and some coffee. Beer and coffee add up to an early lunch, right? After the drinks, we made it to Sacre Coeur.

There was a field trip going on, so we opted out of going inside, as there were nearly 100 junior high students in front of us. We wondered around the streets more, and stopped to grab some pictures by Moulin Rouge, because we were tourists, after all.

We walked by dozens of storefronts that had sandwiches made with baguettes in the windows, so naturally our next stop was to grab a couple. We ate and walked, and kept exploring the city.

Side note: it was difficult finding restrooms. Some areas had public ones on the streets, but other areas did not. So every time we needed a restroom, it would turn into another coffee date. We stopped at Le Diplomate Brasserie, and had another coffee and shared a dessert. Then, we were off to our favorite part of the trip.

We could see Arc De Triomphe way before we got there, and it was crazy how much it brought the city together. This was our favorite attraction in Paris; Yes, we enjoyed the Arc over the Eiffel Tower! We grabbed our tickets, went to the top, and were simply in awe of the city that was before us. It was so loud on the ground, but the height of the Arc drowned out some of the street noise, and we could just take in everything that was around us.


We walked on Champs-Elysees to get back home, but we both preferred the historical aspects and local shops of the city, so we didn’t spend too much time there. We headed to Comptoir Gourmet for dinner; I got a flatbread and wine, while Jeremiah got pasta and beer. The bar was so nice, and the staff was really friendly (even to us tourists with terrible French). After the food, we hit another bar for a nightcap, and headed back home.

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