Paris: Day One

Paris is pure magic. It’s hard to describe what it was like walking around the city, and exploring different  arrondissements. But I’ll give it a try. Everywhere you turn there is a coffee shop, that also happens to have a fully stocked bar. Everyday buildings, such as apartment complexes and pharmacies, have beautiful antique doors. Places such as Notre Dame, which began construction in the 1100s, make up some of the city’s attractions. Okay, don’t you want to see this magical city for yourself? You totally can. For our honeymoon, we snagged extremely affordable tickets, and kept the trip very modest. Our trip to Paris was not fancy; we walked everywhere and had a DIY tour guide adventure. Wondering around the city, (okay, and getting lost a few times), was the perfect way to experience Paris, and we wouldn’t have done it any other way.

We were in Paris for a short time, and could have stayed much longer (so much to see!), but that’s true for any adventure. We stayed in Le Marais at an Airbnb for four days. We loved staying in Le Marais; as it’s packed full of restaurants, but so close to the Louve and other attractions.

After taking a terrifying Uber drive, we arrived at our Airbnb, got settled in, and were ready to explore. We walked around the neighboring streets, just to see what was close, and decided to try Le Bucheron for a late lunch/early dinner. This cafe was something out of a 1920s film; cute bistros were lined up outside, and the bartender was listening to jazz when we walked in.  I ordered a coffee, salad, and some grilled bread topped with goat cheese. Jeremiah got a pasta dish, as well as an espresso. And because we’re from Michigan, and spoiled with craft beer, we tried a couple local Parisian ales. After the meal, we walked to Place de Vosges, and stopped at a Juice Bar called Juice Lab and Co at Le Marais. Even though it was our first day, this was one of our favorite meals.

We wanted to have an early night, so we stopped at a small market, stocked up on four days worth of essentials, and headed to bed.

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