Au revoir, Paris

For our fourth day in Paris, we didn’t spend the whole day in Paris…we got on a train and headed to Versailles. After a confusing first time on the metro, we made it on the right train, and headed to check out the palace. 

We walked around the streets and checked out some shops in the area, and headed to lunch at Creperie Grill. Considering we did no planning for our meals, we found some amazing restaurants. But this one was one of the bad ones! 

We wondered around the city some more, and headed back towards the main event—Versailles. 

This was one of our favorite events in Paris; the palace was beautiful, but we absolutely fell in love with wandering in the gardens. We spent the entire day learning about the ground’s history, and just exploring the gardens together. After that, we got on the train and headed back home for dinner. 


Since we’re Michiganders, we get so spoiled with our craft beer. We tried every local beer in Paris  we could find, but they weren’t as good as home! We walked by a restaurant a few blocks down from our Airbnb that served Langunitas, so on our last night, we had to go get some yummy craft beer. We both had an IPA and an amazing dinner at Le Pick Clops; it was the perfect end to our last night in Paris. 

The next day we packed and cleaned, and headed to brunch before the airport. We went to Feria Cafe. We both had freshly squeezed juice, coffee, and pastries, and breakfast sides. We had some extra time, so we headed to the farmers market, and got to experience a real Parisian market on a Saturday. If we go back, I’d love to fly in on a Friday night and stock up on local veggies for the week. 

But until then, au revoir, Paris. 

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