A Sustainable Lifestyle

Happy May, friends! This month I am focusing the blog on sustainability, and how simple changes can have a lasting impact. I’ve always thought of myself as a green, environmentally friendly person, but two years ago, J and I decided we could do a lot more. We decided to start living a zero waste lifestyle. The term “Zero Waste” can mean something different for everyone. I typically think “sending nothing to the landfill”. Instead of saying we live a zero waste lifestyle, I like to call it a sustainable lifestyle.

What is a Sustainable Lifestyle? To me, a sustainable lifestyle is living less out of habit, and more with intention. Set an intention for your actions everyday, and start thinking about how you affect yourself, community, and the environment.

What’s wrong with our current system? The average American produces 4.4 pounds of trash per day. That’s 700,000 tons per day.

Isn’t recycling the answer? No, percentage wise, recycling is not the answer. Only 9% of plastic is actually recycled.

The Basics:

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  • I agree that you have to live with intention every day. It’s hard to tackle everything at once, and it can get overwhelming, but by making mindful steps every day, your existing habits gradually change and it just becomes the normal way of living!